Can You Afford A Hot Tub?

Initially you may see your ideal hot tub in the showroom, and the base price of say £1,999 for a five seater tub may seem very affordable, but you need to think way outside of the box when looking at the costs.

Firstly you need to consider: -

Electrics – You will need to get electricity to your hot tub, and this will have to be done by a qualified electrician and meet all of your local authorities regulations. In the United Kingdom this can involve burying the electric cable eighteen inches below the ground.

Just note that if you are planning on putting your hot tub 20ft from your house that it may cost you over £1,000 to have the trench dug for the power supply to your new tub if you do not want to dig it yourself.

Also can your tub be delivered into position easily? If your tub will not fit down the side passage of your house then you could be looking at a crane to get the tub into place. You should budget at least £500 to £750 if this is the case.

You will also need to allow for the fact that the “Base” model may not include the same amount of water jets as the tub in the showroom, or include any lighting. Both of these will cost money for items that you may have assumed were included in the base price, but in reality they may be extras that are actually essential to get the same effect as the hot tub you tried out in the showroom.