Hot Tub Safety

In general a hot tub is far safer than a swimming pool. Children can easily fall in to a swimming pool, this is far harder with a tub, and whilst you cannot easily lock up a swimming pool, you can get a locking hot tub cover which keeps the water safe from inquisitive young minds. Getting a lockable cover is advisable even if you do not have children of your own.

The majority of hot tubs are safe for children to use as they are not very deep, however you should never leave a child of under 14 years of age alone in the tub, or unattended at any time. Follow this rule strictly for your own peace of mind. Take your phone outside by the tub, that way if it rings you do not have to let any children out of your sight whilst going to answer it.

Try and keep hot tub use down to a maximum of thirty minutes in any one session. Whilst they are very relaxing you should avoid over use. This is particularly important if you have just eaten a heavy meal or drunk alcohol.

At the slightest feeling of drowsiness leave the tub immediately. You can always come back later.

Avoid drinking excess alcohol before using the tub or when you are in it, as the heat will amplify the effects of the alcohol.

Never take a real glass anywhere near your hot tub. Always make sure you use unbreakable plastic glasses, which your tub supplier will probably sell. If you use a real glass and drop it in the tub, you may not notice it fall to the bottom of your tub, which can result in serious injury later on. Where as a plastic glass will float if accidently dropped in to your hot tub.

These simple safety tips will see you enjoying your tub without any problems.