Hot Tub Essentials

Before you buy a hot tub you do need to have a little look at a few things beyond the basic price, which for a two or three seat entry-level model may seem very attractive. However whilst the initial “Sticker” price may seem very attractive, you need to look at what it offers for the price, versus what you ideally want for your hot tub.

One example of this is underwater lights. On a warm Summers evening it can be ideal to sit outside in your hot tub gazing up at the stars with a glass of wine in your hand, however without any underwater lights your tub may look a little uninviting and as such you may avoid using it at night. Which is a shame as a hot tub is a great place to relax at the end of a hard days work.

So underwater lights should be at the top of your list of nice added extras to add to your evening of relaxation in the tub.

Secondly you need to look at the number of water jets and aeration systems that the hot tub comes with. The showroom model that you had a demonstration in (Always go along with your swimming costume and ask for an in-tub demo, the dealer will expect you to ask for this so do not be shy!), may well feature extra jets that are not included in the base price. The same applies to air jets.

So if you want the same hot spa experience that the demo tub gave you, then you will need to take into account the price for these extra jets.

You may also need a hot tub cover and many do not include one in with the base price. But whatever you do, buy the best one that you can, as they will not only keep debris such as leaves out, but also they will keep heat in. Also a good cover comes with a lock, which keeps small children out! A good cover may cost from as little as £180 to £350 but will pay for itself in the long run by minimizing heat loss.

You will also need to invest in some decent steps in order to get in to your tub. Even small hot tubs have relatively high sides. Alternatively you could make up some steps out of decking or even build up decking around the whole tub if you have room to do so. This can look very good if done well, it also enables you to be able to place drinks or towels around the edge of the tub within easy reach.

You should also ensure that when you purchase your hot tub that you have a starter set of all the essential chemicals that you will need to maintain the water in your tub.

You will have to start your maintenance routine the day that you install it. It is a lot easier to keep your water crystal clean than it is to try and clean up a dirty tub.

Hopefully this article will have made you think about what extra items you will need to buy for your hot tub accessories.