Hot Tub Installation Service

Most hot tub dealers offer an installation service, in fact I would go so far as to say if they do not offer an installation service then do not buy anything from them.

An installation service will basically consist of your dealer sending someone out to survey your proposed site. They will look predominantly at the access route to your desired location. If you live in a row of terraced houses that back onto another row of terraced houses then the chances are that you will need a crane to lift your spa tub into place.

Even if you have access to the back or the side of your property you may well still need the use of a crane. Four adults can lift a two-person hot tub, but to take it over a fence you will need another four people on the other side. Also if you have a four or six seater tub then you will need so many people to move the hot tub that it makes sense to use a crane.

This will all be taken into account as part of the dealers installation service.

They will also look at your proposed location with regards to electricity, as you will need your hot tub to be connected permanently to a mains power supply.

The one key benefit of booking an installation service for your hot tub from your dealer, is that they look after all of the things that can be a hassle for you. Such as if the tub requires craning in to place, then they will project manage this for you, and using a crane is not simple, as you need to take into account telephone wires, power lines and trees.

By employing the dealer to do this you do not have to worry if there is a problem, nor do you have to worry about insurance, and this can be a fact to take into account as my next-door neighbour had their hot tub arrive via their house roof! Unfortunately for them it went through the roof and not over it!

Whilst you can project manage your own installation it is well worth paying for a professional installation service. If you do it yourself, you may find out things such as that you need a permit for the crane to block the road whilst it lifts the tub into place.

The dealers installation service will also take care of installing the electrics, which will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician. Also if you book your installation service via your hot tub dealer they will arrange for any groundwork’s to be done such as having to dig a trench for your tubs power supply. This is not an easy task to do yourself, as if your tub is 30ft from the house then digging out a trench for the power cable can be a real pain.

By opting for your dealers hot tub installation service you are ensuring that you are buying in peace of mind. You can do your own installation, but paying your hot tub supplier a few pounds more may well prove beneficial.