Installing A Hot Tub

Well it is great that you have bought your first hot tub, but have you thought about where you are going to locate it?

This may seem a simple task – Pick a location for your hot tub and install it, how hard can that be?

Well actually it can be very hard. Choosing the wrong location for your tub can result in a lot of expense. Your hot tub needs two main things, power and water.

With regards to water you only need a temporary supply to fill the tub up with e.g. A hosepipe. But you will need a continuous electricity supply for the pump and the heater.

Make no mistake at all, if your nearest power source is 30 ft from your hot spa then you can end up having to dig a very large trench for your electricity supply, or paying someone a very large amount of money to dig the trench for you. The cost of digging a trench can often well run in to several thousands pounds.

You could do the digging out yourself, but for a 30 ft trench, allow two weekends and two friends to do the job!

Installing a hot spa can be very easy or very hard, if it is near to your house then running a power supply to it can be easy. However if you have to cut through concrete to put the power supply in place then it can be trouble some.

You also need to think about drainage as a large tub can contain several hundreds of gallons of water.

Whilst this may not seem an issue whilst you are filling up your tub, it can become a major issue if you have to empty the tub.

Also when installing a hot spa tub you need to have a good look at the area you are installing it onto. A tub when full can weigh a very considerable amount, and as such you need to ensure that it is perfectly level. With up to five tonnes of water in your hot tub you need to ensure that it cannot move around easily.

You need to ensure that it is located on a nice firm and level surface.

Whatever you do, never locate your hot tub on a loose surface, it is far better to place your hot tub on a hard surface.

When deciding where to place your hot tub you should always dig down in to the soil to level up the ground, rather than trying to build up the ground.

Simply put, sitting your hot tub on the wrong surface can cost you time and money if you have to re-site it. The best time and effort that you can spend is on ensuring that your tub location is flat and level.

If you get this bit right then you are off to a good start. The last thing you want to do is put your hot tub on an area that is not strong enough to support its weight when full of water.