Investing In A Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub is a great investment as if you buy a good, well made tub then it can last you for many years to come provided that you maintain it well.

It has one very big benefit that is often overlooked when comparing it to a swimming pool, in that if you move house you can simply take your hot tub with you. You may choose to spend £10,000 on a high-end tub, however unlike spending £10,000 on a swimming pool, you can simply take your investment with you when you move house.

Hot tub prices have dropped dramatically in recent years due to the use of Acrylic materials being used to make tubs rather than GRP. This now means the core of the tub can be made in hours and not days, hence the overall drop in price across the market.

However even a small one may cost £2,000, which is still a sum of money that you would want to invest wisely. Accordingly you should have a good look around when investing in one.

You need to look at how long the manufacturing company has been in business for. How many distributors do they have in your country? Do they use universal water pumps and heaters, so that in the event that they have gone bust, and your hot tub breaks down, that you can still get spares?

This last item is a vital thing to look at when buying one. You could invest a substantial amount in one, and yet if it breaks down six months later and the manufacturer has gone bust and you cannot get it mended, then your whole investment could be wasted.

You also need to have a good look at the materials and fixtures used to make your tub. If they look cheap, then you have to ask yourself has the manufacturer skimped on items that are out of sight?

So when investing in a hot tub visit more than one distributor (Whilst some manufacturers will supply to you direct, the vast majority sell their hot tubs via distributors), and look at a least three different manufacturers.

Looking at three different ones will give you a good idea as which type of hot tub you want to invest your money in. As an example you can now buy self-cleaning ones, but only a few people sell these. So shop around and invest your money wisely.