Installing Your Own Hot Tub

Well as Acrylic hot tubs are now mass-produced they have come down substantially in price in the past few years. As a result a two/three seater tub can cost around £2,000, which makes them very affordable for most families (After all you think nothing of spending a £1,000 on a flat screen TV do you?).

However when you ask your hot tub dealer for an installation quote you may well baulk at the price. As an example if you want the hot tub placed 30ft from your house then you may end up paying £3,000 to have the electricity supply installed, as a deep trench will have to be dug to put the power cable in. You cannot just run the power cable over the top of your lawn.

This example alone shows that installing power to your tub could cost more than the tub itself!

That said if you decide to install the tub yourself and project manage the whole installation, then you could save yourself a substantial amount of money.

Whilst it may cost you £3,000 to pay someone to dig the trench for your power supply, you could save all that money and dig it yourself, although it may take you and a friend a couple of long weekends to do it!

You could also arrange to collect your own tub rather than having the dealer deliver it, but just make sure it is insured in transit if you do so!

You will also need to factor into account the weight of the hot tub, or basically how you are going to move it in to place when you get it home. This is a key point as you may have to hire a crane to lift it over your house and in to your garden. This will not be cheap nor is it something you can do yourself.

When it comes to sitting the tub in its proposed location you need to think about water as well as electricity. Filling a hot tub is easy, but just bear in mind that every six months as part of its maintenance schedule you will need to empty all of the water out, and this can be several hundred gallons of water. Hence it may not be a good idea to place your hot tub at the bottom of your garden, as the water will have knowhere to drain away to.

Carrying out your own hot tub installation can be done easily, it just requires a bit of thought.