Picking Up Your Hot Tub

Okay so you have made a very wise move and invested in a hot tub. They are great as unlike a swimming pool if you move house you can take it with you. Also if you find where you first put it is not your ideal location, then you can (With a bit of effort) move it to another location. You cannot do this with a pool unless it is an above ground pool, and even then emptying an above ground pool and then re-filling it takes time and money.

So you have decided to buy a hot tub, but you did not like the installation cost that your dealer was quoting so you have decided to install your hot tub yourself. This is not uncommon as for many people it is a very easy task to project manage yourself.

The biggest expense you are likely to encounter is the delivery of the tub itself. If you need to get the tub lifted over your house by a crane then you could easily be looking at well over a £1,000 to get it lifted in to place.

However it maybe that you can get access around the side, or the back of your house to get the tub in place without the use of a crane. Indeed you may well be able to rent a flat bed trailer to pick your hot tub up with from the dealer.

Just remember that if you pick up your spa tub from the dealer, to make sure it is insured whilst in transit. A large spa tub could cost up to £10,000 and so it would be an expensive mistake if it got written off on the journey home if it was uninsured.

You also need to bear in mind that even a small hot tub will be heavy to lift between four people. Accordingly if the hot tub dealer loads it on to your trailer with a forklift truck then you should think about arranging one to unload it.

Even if you buy a small hot spa tub just remember that whilst you might not need a crane, if you have to lift it over a fence, you will need around eight people to do so. Basically four people either side of the fence.

For a larger hot tub I would recommend taking down the fence and putting it back up afterwards. This will save a lot of hassle overall when installing your tub.