Inflatable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs sometimes seem expensive and out of the price range of the ordinary working family. Running costs for the family in everyday life are difficult enough without the extra cost of a luxury like a hot tub. However the introduction of the inflatable hot tub makes the whole thing far more accessible. The price is usually only a few hundred pounds dependent on the size of tub that you want. It is generally no more than a reasonable TV costs.

The typical family will find many advantages in that the hot tub can be easily erected, and easily put away when not required. It is ideal for the family who are going to be in the garden during the summer, but tied up with other things during the winter nights (although it can be used then).

The inflatable tub is made with a leatheroid type material, which is fairly robust and will take a fair amount of handling, and it can be erected in about 10 minutes. The hot tub will need to be filled with water, this will be about 900 litres for a 2/3 person model and 1,200 litres for a 6 person model.

The larger the size the more comfort that you get, but the inflatable design does give a very comfortable seating. Putting in the water takes sometime, and the heating to a temperature of about 40 degrees Centigrade will take around 10 to 12 hours for the smaller models, and 18 to 24 hours for the bigger models.

They have a good jet system to give the typical massaging system that you would normally expect with atub, and usually there are about 80 jets in total. There is a standard water filtration system that is essential on any tub, and this will usually filter at about 500 litres an hour, which should be more than adequate.

There are obvious costs in running the hot tub as water and power are not cheap, but it is usually a one off fill. The filtration cartridges do cost a bit, and should be changed regularly, probably every 2 to 4 weeks if used regularly. Safety is paramount with any of these systems and young children must be kept away and the top always zipped on when not used and when children are not supervised. An RCD protection should always come with the unit and must be maintained with it.

A great cheap way, particularly for a family to enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub and they can even take it on holiday.