Hot Tub Safety For Children

Whilst in the majority of countries there are no official guidelines for hot tub usage, nor even any medical recommendations in most countries, a few simple guidelines should be followed to ensure the safety of children.

For small children and infants then hot tub use should not be allowed, not even for short periods of time as they can overheat quickly and become dehydrated easily.

Older children are recommended to use the tub from 5 to 20 minutes but no longer, and only with adult supervision.

A safe temperature is deemed as no more than 102 degrees.

Always have a locking hot tub cover fitted to your hot tub to stop any unauthorised entry by small children and always ensure that it is locked when you finish using it, and keep the keys out of reach. In and ideal World having a lockable fence around it is also a very good idea as well.

You should also ensure drain covers for the water return are correctly fitted in order to keep out long hair, indeed it is always a good idea for anyone with long hair to tie it up to prevent it getting sucked in and stuck in a drain.

Older hot spas should have a more modern “Mushroom” type vent placed over the water suction inlets (More modern tubs already have them fitted in general) in order to prevent the strong suction from the drain pulling legs or arms towards it.

If the child feels unwell or starts to seem drowsy then immediately remove them from the tub.

Keep a first aid kit near the tub to deal with any bumps or grazes that might occur.

As the outer area around the tub is likely to get wet make sure no one runs near the tub, and ideally paint the area in non-slip paint, or fit decking which has more grip to it.

You need to remind children that it is not a pool and they should not try and swim in it, in the main this is also a good rule to follow to stop them swallowing water from the hot tub which can carry bacteria.

Always explain the dangers of using the hot tub, and the “Rules” for using it as well each time before your children use it.

Whilst none of the above is mandatory, it is all good sound advice with regards to children and hot spas and you would be wise to follow it.