Hot Tubs Are Cool! They Can Be Fun And A Great Social Activity

Buying a hot tub is actually one of the coolest purchases that you can make.

Do you want new friends? Then go and buy a hot tub? You will instantly become the most popular person on your street.

Hot tubs are a great social feature, the instant people get in a hot tub then they begin to relax. Accordingly they offer one of the best ways of de-stressing yourself after work. Often you will find them to be the most relaxing at night rather than during the day.

You may think that affording one is beyond your means yet they can now be bought for under a thousand pounds. Albeit at this price you will be looking at buying an inflatable hot tub. That said, inflatable hot spas offer just the same benefits as an acrylic tub but at a fraction of the cost.

Indeed one of the main benefits of an inflatable hot spa is that you can take it anywhere with you. Going on holiday to a campsite for two weeks then not a problem, an inflatable hot tub can simply be packed up and taken with you, all you need is water and power. All available at any campsite.

Or you could buy a metal sided tub, these have panels that simply clip together and have a liner installed in them.

Or you could go the whole hog and buy an acrylic hot tub, these are now available from around £2,500 and are often available with 0% finance deals.

Indeed if you can find a dealer that is offering 0% finance then it would be wise to buy from them.

Whilst an acrylic tub can start from just £2,500 you can pay over £10,000 for a large tub.

You also need to budget for the installation of the tub, as in the UK the majority of the tubs will have to be craned into place. This is different to the USA where many tubs can be lifted into place around the sides of the property.

You should budget for around £500 to £1,000 if a crane is needed to lift your tub into place. You will also need to budget for an electrician to connect up the tub, as you can no longer carry out the electrical works necessary to install it yourself in the UK.

Overall though I would highly recommend buying one. Improve your social life today!