Hot Tubs Galore

There are so many hot tubs available on the market today it can be a little bit of a problem trying to decide which, is the best system to suit your own personal use and it is worthwhile taking some time to decide on the system for you. There are many options and whilst they all work some are better than others, it is also not just a matter of cost as many of the options have been developed to meet different needs.


The best starting point is to use the supplier’s web site to view what is available and what can be done, then set out a provisional plan for what you require and then talk to the supplier who will be able to refine your proposal or possibly come up with a better one based on your requirements. We stock all the hot tubs available from all the top manufacturers in the UK, so if your not sure which is best for you please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have so we can help you find your perfect hot tub!


Consider carefully what you are trying to use the hot tub for. If the main aim is to fill the summer with action round the tub for a large family and friends then the choice is different from that of a couple who just have themselves to think of and want to loosen a few aching muscles.


Also do not buy a big one on the off chance that work colleagues or the family turn up once a year. The cost will not be worth the return and sitting on your own in a large hot tub is a little soul destroying so think about which size tub you really need. Take some time to work out the massaging system that you wish to install, there are large jets and small jets. Invariably the manufacturer will have a luxury jet pack which has a range of air jets and water jets. There are some super hot tubs that are available and they do give the most relaxing massaging sessions and a major manufacturer like Canadian Spa produces just about every shape and size going but there are many more smaller manufacturers who can do an equally good job, and we have a good resume of each which you can see more of via our brands page.


The typical hot tub comes as a round bath with a number of different height seats to vary the massaging types and positions and these are ideal for getting full massage. It always seems strange that people buy a very expensive tub and a great water jet system and then have a small step or ladder system to get into the pool, which of course is usually set above the ground so that it is possible to get access to the jet system under to pool. It is worthwhile buying or fitting a decent decking and stair system so that access is simple and safe from a level above the pool.