Hot Tub Medical Research

BY immersing yourself in warm waters of a hot tub up to your chest changes your cardiac functions in that it almost completely mimics participating in aerobic exercise - this is according to a new book "Hot Water and Healthy Living" published by the National Swimming Pool Foundation in the US.

This research explains how immersion in a hot tub or spa helps to create bodies, hearts, minds & lifestyles that are much healthier. The book is written by Dr J B Smith of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, based on interviews he conducted with leading scientists & over 25 scholarly research publications.

This new research clearly shows that not only the body but also the mind benefit from this simple act of immersing yourself in hot or warm water. "The spa industry has not had the science that explains how hot tubs improve our health and the benefits have not been communicated to society" explains Thomas M Lachocki, CEO of the Pool Federation.

Dr Smith adds "Our bodies make adjustments when we are immersed in water. These changes are similar to those that occur when we exercise. The changes include increased circulation, more efficient breathing and improvements in mood."

A survey also finds that a hot tub can pep up your love life!

Additional another new survey completed in the States says that using a hot tub may be the answer to a stalled love life and the results of an online survey show that owning or regularly using a hot tub can dramatically improve your chances of a satisfying love life.

"A spa can be the catalyst to having a healthier & sexier relationship" confirms Dr Trina Read a prominant sexologist, "physiologically the tub's heat increases blood flow to the skin & muscles plus the jet's massage stimulates endorphins and as a result there is a feeling of contentment & relaxation that put you in the mood for sex. Emotionally the hot tub offers time to be alone together, away from the stresses of the world, to focus on each other."

InsightExpress, an independent online research company, conducted the online survey commissioned by ThermoSpas, largest retailer of hot tubs in the United States. 500 hot tub owners were surveyed plus 500 non-owners (all over the age of 18) and concluded that 33% of owners felt that owning a hot tub has indeed improved their love life.

The "bottom line" according to Dr Read is that "soaking in the caressing waters of a hot tub is a sure fire way to heat things up with someone special - in fact I prescribe it."