New Range of Trampolines

Trampolines for the home garden have grown hugely in popularity in recent years, featuring in the top ten Christmas toys list for the last three years. Trampolining is one of the most enjoyable outdoor summer activities and is suitable for most gardens, even when space is limited. Having your own trampoline is also excellent for training for developing balance, spatial awareness and general fitness, sometimes lacking in present day society.

If you have experienced a trampoline in someone else's garden or at a visitor attraction or event, you will have some idea of the popularity of this form of recreation.

First and most importantly trampolines are enormous fun. There's something about a trampoline and being able to bounce so high with seemingly so little effort that you are almost defying gravity. In the space of a single second your body will experience both weightlessness and a force of about 3G. Trampolines give you a feelgood factor that stimulates your breathing, lymphatic system and every cell in your body. Trampolining is addictive. It makes you smile.

However, in order to bounce accurately and not fall over or leave the trampoline altogether, you have to concentrate and use all your physical skills and abilities to remain under control. This develops your balance, spatial awareness, all round physical fitness and suppleness. Side benefits are improved posture, co-ordination, lung capacity, vision and self-confidence.

The bottom line here is that your trampoline is going to be hugely popular with all your family, friends and relations. It’s going to get more use than you ever imagined. So it’s important not only to buy the right size of trampoline, but to buy a quality product that is built to last.

Splash & Relax have sourced a superb collection of trampolines for you to choose from, supplied by the market leader Jum For Fun.

Jump For Fun

Jump For Fun- have been supplying round and octagonal garden trampolines to the UK market for over 5 years and have successfully built a reputation for quality and reliability. You can choose from a wide selection to suit all budgets and needs from a round family trampoline to the top of the range performance or octagonal Trampolines.

All trampolines supplied by Jump for Fun have been designed to exacting standards with the highest grade of materials, Your garden trampoline from Jump for Fun will have a minimum of 10 years warranty on the frame alone. Choose a size from one of three round trampoline ranges or why not join the revolution and bounce cool : bounce safe with the exciting new range of octagonal trampolines called the OctaJump. Read about the difference between round and octagonal jumping surfaces and find out why the octagonal trampolines can be safer for you and your children.

Value for Money:
When you buy a Jump for Fun trampoline you are buying a lifestyle product with quality that will last for years. Your trampoline is fully backed up with warranty, service and support. A Jump for Fun Trampoline is NOT and cannot be confused with cheap or unbranded trampolines purchased at DIY and Catalogue stores. You will be safe in the knowledge that Jump for Fun Trampolines have the experience and skill to deliver a quality specification with real value pricing to keep your children jumping for years.

If your buying decision is based on quality, safety and value then we believe you will be FULLY satisfied with any one of the Jump For Fun trampolines.