Ultimate relaxation with new range of Inflatable Hot Tubs from Intex

With more and more people wanting a cheap affordable hot tub, inflatables are becoming the next big thing. The ease and convenience of these hot tubs will allow people even with little space to enjoy the relaxation of hot water and jets massaging your whole body.

To start with the new range of PureSpa Hot Tubs from 'Splash and Relax' starting at only £549.99 this will accommodate four people, whilst still allowing for plenty of movement. Their Bubble Inflatable hot tub in particular has 120 powerful bubble jets in the base of the tub which will give the user all over relaxation. This is all complimented with a variable temperature control up to 40* to insure everything is to your standards. However compared to the more expensive PureSpa Jet Inflatable Hot Tub at just £889.99, which instead of just the 120 bubble jets it also comes with 4 high powered water massage jets guaranteed to get you sinking into a deeper stage of relaxation. Due to Intexes years of inflatable experience they have included a puncture resistant product that consists of 3-ply laminated material to insure a long lasting product.

Now compared to the already established range of Lay Z spa on 'Splash and Relax' which also offer some of the cheapest on the market you have to know, are the PureSpa Hot tubs worth a bit more. The most expensive inflatable hot tub that Lay Z spa offer is the Lay Z Spa Vegas. At £150 cheaper than PureSpa Bubble inflatable Hot Tub it is at a reasonable price however, you have to consider that with the Lay Z Spa Vegas there is only 80 massage air jets compared to the PureSpa’s 120. This could result in a loss of the hot tub feel. However people may still feel that this isn’t quite enough for the extra money, but when you consider the ease of the PureSpa range, they all come with an air pump for ease of setting up and claim to be ready to go in just 5 mins.

Now on to the tricky part, both companies offer high end options with the lay Z Spa Monaco Rigid Portable hot tub at £644.99, which although isn’t completely inflatable, only the floor, claims to be just as portable and easy to set up as the rest. This unit boasts their 80 turbo air jets used in this unit, however I find the biggest selling point of this product is it’s capacity it is able to comfortably sit 6 to 8 adults, which no other portable hot tub offers. However if it’s relaxation you want then PureSpa Jet Inflatable is for you, not only do you get the 120 air bubble jets, you get 4 high powered water jets, which no other inflatable hot tub offers. This allows you to have the full hot tub experience wherever you want.