What Inflatable Swimming Pool will Define your Summer Fun?

With spring on our doorstep and summer peering round the corner, there is really not better way to prepare for the weather coming our way than choosing an inflatable pool from Splash and Relax. Last year saw Splash and Relax inflatable pools fly off of the website. Splash and Relax are excited to stock only the best inflatable pools, with Bestway and Intex swimming pools available to order at great prices. Both companies have a national and international reputation of producing high quality pools.
To start, if you have children, there is no better place for them to enjoy the summer sun than in your own garden, within your supervision. So an inflatable paddling pool is very much recommended. A wide range is available online starting from just £4.49. Some excellent and imaginative designs are available to choose from and these versatile paddling pools can cater for multiple children. Only problem is, one of these swimming pools will without doubt make you the talk of your family and friends, so prepare to cater for numerous children before buying!
More middle range inflatable pools have been built by Bestway and are provided online, coming in a range of sizes from 5 ft to 18 ft, catering for various peoples. A major benefit of having one of these pools lies with their easy of build. Built with no sharp edges and extremely convenient to drain, the valve will simply attach to a garden hose so that the water can be drained away simply. These pools are also extremely durable, being made of triple strength heavy gauge PVC side walls – strong enough for plenty of over energized fun and antics this summer time.
Looking to have pool parties with your pals this summer? Then Bestway oval frame inflatable pools will cater for that. These pools are extremely large and deep, being ideal for narrow gardens. The pool is built with a convenient ladder and excellent pump to get you up and running. The metal frame provides extreme support for summer fun with your nearest and dearest.