What’s for you, a wooden or a steel pool?

At Splash and Relax you are able to buy a wide range of pools with varying price and styles. The wide range however can seem too much and it could be considered a pain to try and figure out what you really want. With this short review it should help clear up between round steel pools and wooden.
In particular the Topaz Round Steel Pool 15ft at only £1,395 available online at Splash and Relax. This pool is considered a great pool on a budget, with its 15ft (4.5 meters) diameter it is a generous size pool. As a pool it boasts a simple yet advance design with it lasting for years to come. These pools come in pearl white meaning it is a pleasure to look at, and not an eyesore. It has galvanised steel hardware to insure a strong product.  On top of this the frame comes with a 5 year warranty.
The wooden pool that is being reviewed is the Vitality Traditional Octagonal Wooden Pool at 12.5ft (3.9 meters) diameter it is a close size to the one above, however is it worth paying just over twice the price £3,295. At first looks probably not but when you look into the details a bit closer it seems like a no brainer to go for this one. With the pressure treated timber it gives a wonderful look to you whole garden and would fit in anywhere, on top of this the wood has been treated and comes with a 10 year warranty against wood rot and insect damage. This pool is also able to have an extra Badu swim jet installed which provides a current to provide a workout for the whole family.
Although both are great pools, we at Splash and Relax feel that the Vitality Wooden Pool is the way to go. Overall the aesthetics are great. This is the kind of pool you could leave up all year round (with suitable cover) and it would still look great in your garden, whereas the Topaz Round steel pool, will need adequate storage for the winter, although it could be left up it is unlikely to fit into the style of most gardens and the pear white colour won’t last long if it is left out all year round. To top this off the wooden pool offers a variety of attachments to make it fun for the whole family.
11 May 2022
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