Comparing the two: Plum vs Jumpking Trampolines

Trampolines are as popular as ever. Whether you are using them for domestic or sporting use, trampolining seems to be a popular activity across the globe. The great thing about trampolines is that no matter what age, size or skill level you are, there is a trampoline out there for you.

As well, trampolining can be used for different needs. You may just want to have fun in the sun with your friends and be the hostess. Or, you may be looking to shed a few pounds and get in better shape. Having a trampoline can most definitely suit both of these needs.
Here at Splash & Relax we provide two of the finest manufacturers of trampolines in the world. Available are durable, stylish, fun and great value for money trampolines from Jumpking Trampolines and Plum Trampolines. Let’s take a look at the two in separate fashion.
Jumpking Trampolines
Pricing: These trampolines start from just £155.00 and rise to £489.00 for the Jumpking JumpPOD deluxe 14ft.
Sizes: Jumpking have fairly large trampolines across the range. Starting from 10ft going to 14ft beasts!
Safety: Jumpking trampolines are built to high durability with longevity in mind. Available are safety enclosures for your chosen size, too.
Plum Trampolines
Pricing: Starting at just £88.99, the Junior trampoline is the cheapest. The most expensive comes in the Magnitude 14ft Premium Trampoline with 3G Enclosure.
Size: Variety is plenty! Start with a 6ft trampoline and rise to the whopping 14 footers available.
Safety: All trampolines come with enclosures and are built to the highest standards of safety.
Both brands can provide the highest quality trampolines, especially when it comes to full size trampolines for sporting activities. However, when it comes to the kids and more playful options, Plum produce some excellent options. Pricing wise, when comparing the large trampolines, Plum also comes out trumps on cheaper prices. But make no mistake, whatever brand you choose, safety is impeccable.
11 May 2022
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