Multi Games Table Review: BCE 4ft 21-in1-Folding Multi Games Table

Choosing a games table can be hard and when it comes to multi games tables, Splash & Relax provide a wide range for customers in the UK. Available are some great selections, produced by the biggest brands including BCE Cue Sports. From BCE comes one of the biggest, best and most exciting multi games table: the BCE 4ft 21-in-1 Folding Multi Games Table.
Multi Games Tables are a great way of pleasing a large group of people or giving yourself plenty of options when that one game bores you out. So, with this in mind, let’s see what this specific Multi Games Table offers up:
Price: £249.99
Games: 21 in total: Magnetic targets, pool, table football, playing cards, table tennis, dice, backgammon, air hockey, dominoes, curling, chequers, pickup sticks, shuffleboard, magnetic darts... (take a breather)... bowling, chess, white board, ring toss, horseshoe, marbles and noughts & crosses.
Colours: Comes in a versatile amount of base colours including blue, green, white and purple.
Additional extras: Includes all your games accessories like table tennis balls, bats nets etc.
Who would it suit: Without doubt this is one of the larger tables so try and give yourself some space. It can fill a room and be the main presence. This table will suit a family seeking a full range of games, looking to play a lot and use the multi games table to its full ability.