Brand Focus: The British Spa Company

Featuring in the first of our first brand focus articles comes The British Spa Company. The company feature heavily at Splash & Relax, being the online stores biggest supplier of luxury hot tubs which will blow any other hot tubs out of the market!
The spa company are without doubt the leaders in high quality hot tubs at great value. The kinds of hot tubs these guys produce are the kind of hot tubs you envisage in your back garden. A hot tub able to cater for the masses with luxury elements including TV’s, iPods docks and neon lights.
British Build Quality
When it comes down to having a tub that is going to last through the years and after relentless use, a British Spa Company tub is the most viable option on the market. Each tub is made from the best materials, being manufactured down to every last inch, with thorough testing throughout. The result being that the spa you buy meets the highest manufacturing quality standards.
The company focus on using only the best components for their final creation. Notably, these components include Airstech Acrylic, awesome Balboa Controls and Waterway Pumps.
What British Spa is for you?
British Spa Company produces some of the most luxurious tubs around, so you are going to have pay what you’d expect. The cheaper option would be a tub like the Kent Plug & Play Hot Tub which comes with 20 jets. It is without doubt the best tub in terms of value and can cater for 5 – 6 people.
Swim Spas are also produce by the company. Offering superb space for swimming, exercising and relaxing, these really are the pinnacle of spas.