Is it too early to start talking Sledges?

It may be August and the final leg of summer, so we hope we don’t offend you by discussing the following: sledges and toboggans at Splash & Relax. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised (or you may not) at just how early in advance people plan for winter months, and Christmas especially (said it, sorry). We have had a mixed summer of weather here and have maybe seen the best of what we could get.

With all this in mind, it’s okay for you to be alert as to why we are the UK’s number one online store for sledges and toboggans.

Talking sledges, we aim to provide a variety to suit every person. Whether you are a child, a beginner, a thrill seeking teenager or a competitor on the slopes, there is a sledge for you. Three types of sledges are available at the Splash & Relax online store. They include plastic sledges, which are ideal for younger children learning their skills for the first time. Also available in this section for a more apt sledge racer is the Double Racer Sledge Toboggan which is featured on the Gadget Shows Top 5 Best Sledges.
More traditional wooden sledges are available for this winter season, too. Get your wooden sledge in early doors for an authentic feel on the slope. Wooden sledges are still one of the fastest on the slopes too.
Inflatable sledges include a variety for all, but for outstanding pace to become king of the hill, look to the Airboard Freeride 180-X Inflatable Sledge. Enough Said.
You are probably going to need a little bit more information and help before you buy your sledge for this winter. And when it comes to Christmas gifts (yes, we said Christmas again), you’ll need to make sure you grab the right machine for the special someone. Check out our great sledges buyer’s guide here!