Keep Your Pool Fresh Throughout The Summer

So you've finally purchased your swimming pool for the summer ahead (if you haven't, you better get one here!). It's time to play and have family fun in excess, like us British like to do. Your pool will from now on become used and abused, which is great, but you'll need to keep it fresh and ready if you want the fun to last. Spilt drinks, leaves from the tree's and other substances can cause an infected environment.

Get a Head Start

A must for anyone who has or is purchasing a pool from Splash & Relax would be a Clearwater Pool Chemical Starter Kit at £24.99. This kit is designed for the initial opening of your above-ground pool, containing important dissolving chlorine sanitiser and PH correction products. This kit also contains 25 test strips and algaecide which will help you combat algae bacteria growth with complete prevention. What's more, a comprehensive pool operators guide is chucked in for good measure.

Fight Mother Nature

A lot of our gardens are surrounded by leaves and other plant life. It's natural that high winds will play a part in blowing these leaves into your pool, no matter how big or small it may be. Fight this with the Intex Leaf Skimmer from £4.99. It'll quickly remove the debris from the surface with its durable mesh skimmer net and strong aluminium shaft - a must for those who fear this!

The Auto Pool Cleaners

Bestway and Intex are the two biggest pool brands online at Splash & Relax, and both provide their own automatic pool cleaners from £79.99. These cleaners are the ideal solutions for all-round pool cleaning for your above ground pool, being very easy to use. The Auto Pool Cleaners use suction from the pump to power itself, meaning no mains electricity is required.  You'll be able to easily collect any debris on the surface of your pool .

A wide variety of Pool Cleaning & Chemicals are available, as well as Pool Pumps, Filters & Counter Currents, Pool Ladders, Covers Liners & Reels and Heating & Lighting.