Schools Out For Summer!

You may be dreading it or you may be busting with excited anticipation - but one thing is for sure, school is nearly out for summer!

Some of you may already have your pool from Splash & Relax, so the time to hunt down cool pool games and pool inflatable's for the kids will be on. However, some of you may not have purchased your summer pool, but do not fear - we have plenty of above ground swimming pools still in stock, with an estimated time of delivery between 3 - 5 days due to the busy nature of business we find ourselves in this summer.
Not all of you will be sticking to the back garden for your summer fun. Many of you will be jetting off around the world to sunny destinations at the start of the holidays. With this in mind, we at Splash & Relax have a wide variety of entertaining pool inflatable's and toys available to keep the kids busy whilst you relax in the sun.
What's more, an excellent range of swimming aids are available for order today, including goggles, arm bands, UV suits and much more. All meaning you won't have to worry about finding these important necessities once you arrive. 
You can check out all of our swimming pools, swimming aids, pool inflatable's and more online today at Splash & Relax, here.