Two Whole Months!

With two months left of this amazing British summer and many hot days promised, not much effort is needed to convince yourself to go outside. So why not have bundles of fun in the hot days leading up to the barbeques in the forgiving summer evenings. With the days warming up and the children enjoying the sweet release of the summer holidays, swimming pools are almost an essential to this years war against the heat.
But what to get? A paddling pool? Inflatable pool? Metal frame pool? The list goes on and can become overwhelming when you are just trying to pick a pool to suit you and your family. Here we briefly list the some of the pros and cons of some of our different products, from pricing, to durability, to ease of assembly
Paddling Pools
You will find it very hard to find a paddling pool that is too expensive but lets start small. Paddling pools are great fun for smaller children, and with prices starting from just £4.49 you can’t go far wrong. Paddling pools generally have completely inflatable sides making them suitable for children of all ages. With prices going up to around £30 to £40, you can get some fairly good sized ones that larger children could very happily enjoy, as well as some adults who just wanna cool off.
So to sum up paddling pools are inexpensive, easy to set up and can be used by the whole family.

Inflatable Pools
Inflatable pools are a little bit more expensive but generally offer larger sizes and with prices starting from just £24.99 they still aren’t that expensive. However the up end of prices can be much larger with some available at just under £500. Inflatable pools offer the ease of popping up a pool, with the feeling of owning a real pool. With many different sizes available you need to makes sure you have the room for it. On top of this if you are planning to have it out for most of the summer we would highly suggest a cover, chemicals and a pump. With a set including a 10 foot round pool and pump for only £53.99 they are still very affordable.
To sum up inflatable pools can be kept up for larger amounts of time, very easy to set up and the whole family can fit in with plenty of room.
Metal Frame Pools
Metal frame pools are generally a much sturdier and can be kept up for larger periods of time and can allow for more people to to fit in with ease. They do have some drawback however as they can take time to put up and take down. You can also pick between both round and square metal frame pools, so you can pick your shape and size depending on your requirements. When using metal frame pools you can happily keep it up with the use chemicals and a pool cover.
Metal frame pools are much more sturdy, slightly harder to set up, much easier to store and can come in many different sizes.