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As we progress further into December, Christmas is now only 3 weeks away (now close enough to start counting the days). Children are getting more excited as the anticipation for the big day is beginning to grow. We can’t wait for Christmas so to get in the festive mood, here are some of our most popular gift ideas for Christmas 2015 at Splash & Relax.
For Him:
As the force awakens, Star Wars toys are now our most popular gift idea for boys this Christmas. From our range of products, we have found that our “Star Wars X-Wing Core Game Set” is the most popular game this year! In this two-player game of dramatic, high-speed dogfights, you and your opponent battle head-to-head for the fate of the galaxy. 

For Her:
The Despicable Me Minion has quickly become an iconic figure for children around the world. Minions are the small, yellow, cylindrical beings and are noticeable from the Despicable me franchise. As a notoriously mischievous creature, Minions are renowned for their lack of self control with their endearing innocence.   This year you can treat your loved ones to a Despicable Me Minion Plush Toy. Standing at 34cm, this soft toy is perfect for a hug when they are not causing too much mischief! 

Time to carve those slopes with our sledges
It would not be Christmas without the icy weather and snow. As always one of our most popular choices this year are sledges. We have a variety of different of styles and designs to suit your children's needs. From racers to the sledge toboggan, we have sizes for both young and old. One of our favourite this year has to be the Maxi Snow Surfer Sledge Board. This snow glider in particular can hold up to two people as it has two handles. Capable of reaching high speeds due to its extremely lightweight. It is perfect for hitting the slopes this winter.
Arcade Fire
Nope that's not a reference to the band, we are talking about games tables. Our 4ft Jupiter 4-in-1 multi game table combine four the most popular games into one convenient table, making it easy store in a household. It provides hours of fun with pool, table tennis, air hockey and a football table in a great all in one. Made by Gamesson, the leading Swedish manufacture of multi games table, you are safe in the knowledge that this table is of the highest quality. The tables weighs 35kg so it is sturdy enough to avoid being jolted easily during a match.
All of the products that we have been mentioned can be found online on our Splash & Relax website. We have a large variety of different toys and gift ideas which are perfect for making this Christmas special. 
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