Sledging: From No School to Old School

Snow has been predicted for next week as forecasts suggest a giant Arctic air mass is heading towards Britain!

Kids have always been excited by playing outdoors in the snow. Playing in the snow was the highlight of a year as a child, not a mountain to conquer. A snow day always consisted of three key things: snow fights, snowmen and of course, sledding. Sledding was always one of the highlights of the day; all you needed was a sled, a hill and yourself. For most children just racing down a hill on a sledge was pure freedom, to go out and have fun.

At Splash & Relax we have the sledges that you just got to have on these cold winter days.

We have a large variety of sledges in different styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect sledge. To make it the perfect family winter adventure we have sledges that can hold two people at a time: racing sleds that have steering wheels attached and even the timeless classic, that is the wooden sledge. We are that confident we have the lowest prices in the UK, if you do find the same sledge elsewhere and we will match the price!

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