Blow Over This Winter With Our Pool Inflatables

With the half term break coming up, now is the perfect time to get your kids ready for the summer!

What better way to do so than getting them comfortable in the pool. At Splash & Relax, we have a wide range of pool inflatables, including best sellers from Intex and Bestway. Here are some of our favourite pool inflatable products:

The Pool Water Polo Game £7.99
- A classic and instant favourite for many. The object of this game is to throw a ball into a floating goal. Although it may not seem the most appealing idea as your child hurls an inflatable football at you, your child will love this game and it provides hours of entertainment for them! Our water polo game comes with a nylon net, inflatable goal posts and one inflatable ball. The full shebang! 

Pool Volleyball Game £7.99
- Another great game for getting your competitive juices flowing, pool volleyball allows you to play one of your favourite summer games in a pool. Simply set up the net and you’re good to go. The aim of the game is to hit the ball over the net without the other player returning the shot. This game is suitable for all ages so long as they are comfortable in a swimming pool. Our set includes an inflatable basketball, volleyball net, and posts (both pole bases are grommeted to add anchor weights should you require it).  

After playing these games you may need something you help just kick back, relax and enjoy the sun...

Intex Mega Chill Pool Inflatable £16.99
- Once you’re in the pool there is nothing worse than getting out to go grab a drink or having to drink. Stay cool and enjoy the sun with this inflatable drinks cooler! It features 5 cup holders on the outside and can hold up to 24 drinks cans with ice surrounding them. We think that’s enough, don’t you?!

Tote-N-Float Pool Lounger £9.99
- When you want to relax in the pool and enjoy the sunshine, there is nothing better than floating around on a pool lounger. This inflatable lounger features an inflatable pillow built-in so you can remain comfortable. The pool lounger can easily be rolled up to make it more portable and what’s more, we currently have three different colours of this product in pink, orange and green!

Splash and Relax a have a variety of different pool inflatables that can be used for either relaxing in the sun or for playing in the pool. To find out more about our products come and visit our website to find the latest swimming pool equipment and toys!