Above Ground Swimming Pool Extras

Well you might have purchased a basic above ground swimming pool, and think that is where the buck stops. But you could be wrong as there are a multitude of great accessories that can bring your above ground swimming pools to life.

For a start have you thought about how you are going to get in and out of your pool? With a soft-sided pool getting in and out can be an absolute nightmare, without a set of steps or some decking built around the pool.

You could buy a ready made set of steps or an alternative would be to build your own deck around the pool. Doing this can really make a difference to the way your above ground swimming looks.

A basic pool may well come with just a water filter and a heater and not much else. So you need to allow for buying the essentials such as a pool vacuum, a soft brush (To remove any stains that may occur on the liner), and most importantly some steps as getting in or out of a pool is nearly impossible without them. You will also need to budget for a starter pack of pool chemicals as with out these your nice new pool will soon turn into an algae filled one.

Also above anything else buy the best pool cover you can for it. Investing in a top quality pool cover can pay for itself many times over in the heat loss is saves. Not only that it helps prevent the ingress of leaves and other debris. A good pool cover is a must have item for nay above ground swimming pool.

You may also want to consider pool lighting, as at some point you may well wish to use your pool at night, and this is far more attractive if you have lights fitted to it.