Choosing A Swimming Pool

So you have just got that big bonus paycheck and you want to go and buy a swimming pool, but where do you start? There are four main types of swimming pools – Above ground, Block and Liner, Free form (where the pool is built in any shape) and what I would call “Standard” construction.

Above Ground Pools – These are often the cheapest route in to swimming pool ownership. They come in a wide range of sizes (normally starting at 10ft in diameter) and styles (Oval as well as round). Whilst most pools sit totally above ground some are partially “In ground”. They come in kit form and are relatively easy to assemble and maintain. However aesthetically they will not have the same look as an in ground pool.

Block and Liner Pools – These are built in to the ground and as the title suggest they are made up of blocks, with a plastic liner (which looks like mosaic tiles) then being inserted over the blocks. These are actually quite cheap in kit form and if you contract out the groundwork or do some of it yourself then you can end up with a in ground swimming pool for not a lot of money.

Free Form – These are really suited to those with a larger budget. Do you want a pool in the shape of a guitar? Well then a free form pool is for you. The pool will be constructed from concrete, which is essentially poured in to the outside of a giant mould constructed in the shape of your choice. This is a specialist skill and should only be under taken by someone skilled in making them. It is not a task for the home DIY person to attempt. The pool will then be tiled.

Standard Construction – This is the most popular type of in ground swimming pool that most people go for. Commonly these are built by a specialist, who will engage a groundwork’s company to dig the rectangular hole out in your garden. They will then put a concrete base at the bottom of the pool (complete with drainage etc) and either build up the walls using blocks or with concrete (Using shuttering to create the walls of concrete). This is similar to a block and liner pool but rather than using a plastic liner the swimming pool will be tiled instead, and in general finished to a much higher standard.