Above Ground Swimming Pool Maintenance

Just like an in ground pool an above ground swimming pool needs regular maintenance to ensure the water in your pool remains crystal clear. As with any swimming pool you will need to establish a simple maintenance routine.

Getting the basics right for an above ground swimming pool you simply need to follow these steps: -

  • Check the water balance (pH testing – and ad pH plus or minus as a result)
  • Checking the chlorine levels – This should never be overlooked, the chlorine kills the bacteria and algae in your pool so it is essential that it is maintained at the right level.
  • Pool “Shocking” – This is required around every two weeks to reduce chloramines which can develop in your pool as a result of oils and other foreign matter (e.g. leaves, suntan oil, make up etc)
  • Remove leaves and other floating debris daily using a pool skimming net. Use a specialist pool vacuum to remove dirt or debris that has sunk to the bottom of the pool. Removing it daily helps to prevent bacteria growing.
  • Use a brush to help shift algae or poolside stains – they will then be removed by the water pump filter.

You should check and flush your water pump filter at least twice a week. Your water pump filter is your silent lifeguard. If you fail to clean your swimming pool filter regularly then you will soon run into problems. If your water filter becomes clogged then it will put a strain on your water pump and heater, possibly resulting in catastrophic failure and an expensive bill.

Lastly always use the chemicals recommended by your above ground swimming pool supplier, by shopping around on the internet you may seem to have saved yourself money, but using the wrong chemicals can cause major damage to your pool liner, resulting in leaks, or having to buy a whole new pool liner.

If you maintain your above ground pool properly it will give you years of enjoyment to come.