Building An Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

Intex offer a very wide range of above ground swimming pools from simple easy set pools to rectangular metal frame pool sets.

Above ground pools have several massive benefits over in ground pools. An above ground pool can be easily moved if it is in the wrong location, where as an in ground pool cannot be moved. If you move house then you can simply take your Intex pool with you.

Intex supply a wide range of pools to cater for all budgets and backyards.

Okay so you have bought your above ground swimming pool and want to get it up and running as soon as possible. First of all take everything out of the box you bought it in, and then check that everything is in it that should be there. It is far better to do this than not check things at the start only to get to the end of the day and find that one vital part needed to complete your pool installation is not in the box. This will not only infuriate you, but let down your family as well.

The next step is to think about locating your Intex above ground pool. Avoid trees as whilst they give great shade they also drop leaves and debris into your pool. And birds also nest in them and may drop “Offending” material into them, and trust me you do not want that to happen!

Ideally pick a spot that is in the Sun for most of the day. Also you will need to think about getting power to your Intex pool. You will need to check what the requirements are with your local authority as to whether you have to bury the power cable or not.

Lastly you just need a hosepipe to fill the swimming pool, and just think about how to safely drain the water away from your Intex swimming pool when you shut it down at the end of Summer.