Considerations When Buying A Swimming Pool

Okay so you have enough money to buy a swimming pool, but you need to consider the running costs as well. It is a bit like buying a Ferrari only to discover you can only sit and watch it, as you cannot afford to insure it to drive. The same applies to a pool, however thankfully with a pool you can do a lot of the “Servicing” yourself saving you money.

When you are considering buying a pool the main thing to think about is its usage and size. If as an example your main reason for buying a pool is to get fit, then a small narrow “Lap pool” will be the best option. If this is your reason for buying a pool do you really need one 16 ft across by 40ft long and 10ft deep with a diving board? No of course you do not.

If your main reason for buying one is to have fun with family and friends then go for one around 16ft by 32ft with a deep end of 6ft and give the diving board a miss – no one likes spend an afternoon in a hospital casualty ward.

Heating is the other main consideration. Heating a pool is not cheap and you do need to give it some serious consideration. You will need to talk with your swimming pool installer to establish the best heating option for your pool, and these options will vary dramatically depending on where you are located in the World.

If you use your pool every day it may well be worth having the pool set at a “Simmering” temperature all the time, as with a good insulating pool cover this may actually cost less to heat than letting the pool go totally cold and then re-heating when you want to use it. Your pool installer will be the best person to advise on this.

These are just a few simple tips to ensure you make the right choice when buying a swimming pool.