Installing Your Intex Easy Set Pool

Installing your Intex above ground pool should be a very simple task and even those with very limited DIY skills should be able to install one. In the case of an Intex easy set pool then it is very easy indeed. With an Intex easy set pool all you have to do is inflate a rubber ring that will sit at the top of the pool and connect two hoses to the water filter, and that is it. Then all you have to do is fill the swimming pool up with water from a hosepipe, and once the pool is full, then turn on the power to the water filter. The easy set pool works by the inflated tube simply rising up as the water level does.

However when installing an above ground swimming pool you do need to take some basic safety precautions.

First of all before you even think about where you are going to site your pool, think electricity. You will have a mains powered water filter and possibly a water heater as well. It is essential that both of these are plugged into a power circuit with an RCD power breaker installed. This is an essential step in preventing any electrical accidents with your pool.

Your Intex above ground swimming pool absolutely must be installed on ground that is flat and level, any slope no matter how slight it may seem can result in unnatural water loading on your pool resulting in catastrophic failure. Whilst this can result in a Youtube comedy style moment, it can also result in several thousand gallons of water being released very quickly, and this may well hit anything in its path with the potential to cause major damage. So always double check the area your pool is going to be sat on is safe and level.

Taking these simple steps will ensure you Intex pool gives you years of enjoyment.