Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool Tips

To ensure that you get the best from your above ground pool then you will need to ensure you keep on eye on a few things: -

Grass? Well it is far better if the site for your above ground swimming pool has had the turf already removed from it, and ideally a long term weed killer put down on it, such as sodium chlorate (Although note that this weed killer is so strong it may affect other plants up to six feet away – so use it with caution)

Water filters – Always have a spare water filter to hand, and ensure that you swap out your water filter with the spare one every week. This will help ensure your Intex swimming pool water remains crystal clear at all times.

Keeping the pool walls clean – The water filter alone will not do this so you will need to ensure that you regularly use a pool vacuum to keep the base and sides of your pool clean.

Winterizing your Intex pool – Whilst you may wish to keep your pool ready for use at all times of the year. In most climates you would be recommended to winterize your pool. In particular ice can damage your swimming pool. In order to avoid this you should disassemble your pool. To do this you will need to ensure you have adequate drainage to release the water from your pool. Just remember your Intex pool may hold several thousand gallons of water and you need to take this into consideration when emptying it.

You will also need to ensure the water filtration system and the water heater are empty to avoid any frost damage to your pool.