Buying An Above Ground Swimming Pool

Let us face it a swimming pool is a great addition to any house. But do you go for an in ground pool or an above ground pool?

Well whilst in an ideal World we would probably opt for an in ground pool, they do have several disadvantages, such as the higher cost and the length of time they take to install.

The other option is to buy an above ground pool. They cost far less and rather than taking three weeks to install like an in ground pool, you can install one over the course of a weekend with a little help from a friend or two.

Not only are they far cheaper but also if you decide to move house then you can simply empty the pool, disassemble it and take it with you. Swimming pools are a personal choice and whilst in general they can enhance the value of your house, not everyone wants one and it may reduce the potential number of buyers, where as with an above ground pool this is not a problem, simply take it with you.

These pools are an ideal choice for those who want to get a pool up and running fast, as they are all ready pre-made and ready to ship to you. The other advantage is that if you just do not get on with the pool or change your mind you can re-sell it, but you cannot do this with an in ground pool.

But when buying an in ground swimming pool you need to look beyond the basic price, and think about heaters, filters, steps, decking and lights, as there are a multitude of options available to purchase with your pool. Care needs to be taken to buy the essential items and differentiate between the “Nice to have” options which you may find you do not really use. I would recommend buying the essential items first and then buying the nice to have items a month or so later when you have had time to think about how much you will use them.