Intex Oval Frame Pools

Intex Oval frame pools are virtually like having an in ground swimming pool. Yet they feature the same easy simplicity and ease of construction as the Intex easy set pools. In addition these above ground pools offer the virtually the same large sizes as an in ground swimming pool would do.

Simply put these pools are huge! They hold between 4,390 and 6,420 gallons. They vary in size from twelve foot wide by twenty foot long, to up to twelve foot wide by thirty-two foot long. This makes them more than a match for any in ground pool, costing a lot less to install.

They do require slightly more effort to install than an Intex easy set pool as they have metal side bracing tubes. That said the side bracing tubes are easy to install and should only add a few minutes to construction time.

These oval frame pools can really be a great addition to any home, and the beauty of them is that you can simply empty the water out (Ensure you have adequate drainage for the water in the first place when locating your Intex swimming pool) and pack them away for the Winter. Just remember to make sure that you empty all of the water out of the water filter pump and the water heater as if not these can be irretrievably damage by Winter frosts. This can result in the purchase of a new pump and/or heater for the new season.

These Intex oval frame pools are ideal for the competent DIY person to get up and running in as little as a few hours, you just need to make sure the ground you are putting them on is flat and level.