Intex Rectangular Ultra Frame Pools

Are you looking to buy an in ground swimming pool? But are you put off by the total cost or the time it will take to build, or even the six weeks or more it might take to get planning permission. Well then you might want to consider one of Intex’s remarkable above ground swimming pools.

Intex’s rectangular ultra frame pools are designed to stand up to the wildest of pool parties! You will find these just as strong as an in ground pool, and they have the added advantage in that should they (highly unlikely) develop a leak then you can easy access to mend it. The same cannot be said of a concrete in ground pool that develops a leak – which you then might have to dig down in to the ground to mend the leak.

Also with an Intex rectangular ultra frame pool you have very easy access to the things you regularly maintain such as the water filter and the pool heater. Even changing your pool lighting bulbs is so much easier with an Intex above ground pool.

These rectangular pools are literally the nearest thing you can have to a built in pool but on average they will cost you just a third of the price. You have the advantage of being able to build decking around them to make them a real feature in your garden. Doing this is also very likely to add value to your house, but if the person your are selling it to does not want the pool, then you can simply take it with you. But you cannot remove an in ground pool!

With a little thought and the right accessories such as fibre optic mood lighting then your Intex rectangular frame swimming pool can become the talk of your neighborhood!