Intex Round Metal Frame Swimming Pools

An alternative to the classic Intex easy set pool is the Intex round metal frame pools. Whilst they may take a little longer to assemble they are more durable and whilst costing more they may well be worth the extra investment as a result.

They are great as they do not even involve you to really have any DIY skills as the panels either pin or snap together, thus not involving the use of any tools at all.

This means that your Intex round metal frame swimming pool can be ready to start filling with water in as little time as forty-five minutes or less, with the help of a few friends (Whilst they can be installed by one person they are far easier to install with the help of a friend).

These pools vary in size from just under twelve hundred gallons to over twelve and a half thousand, so there are metal frame swimming pools available for every budget.

They all feature a high capacity and high performance water filter to ensure that your water is kept crystal clean at all times. Additionally you can add an electric water heater or a solar heater to warm up your pool.

As with all above ground pools it is recommended that you invest in buying a good pool cover, as this will not only help keep out leaves and debris but it will help retain the heat in the pool.

You will however need to take safety precautions if you have young children, such as removing the pool steps when the pool is not in use.

These Intex metal frame pools can vary from ten feet in diameter to a massive twenty-four feet in diameter. So Intex round metal frame swimming pools are available in sizes to suit everyone.