Choosing An Intex Swimming Pool

Well if you are considering buying an above ground swimming pool then you should certainly take a look at Intex, as they are the leading producer of above ground swimming pools worldwide.

This is not without reason as they offer a vast range of pools for every budget, from small round easy set pools that can be bought at a very low cost and set up in just an hour or so, through to metal frame pools, and then even larger round ultra frame pools. At the top end of the market they even offer rectangular ultra framed above ground swimming pools.

The larger ultra-framed round and rectangular pools offer enough space to have a good swim in, and have many features comparable to an in-ground pool at a fraction of the cost.

Obviously when choosing your pool you are likely to have set budget in mind, however you also need to think carefully about the size of your pool, as you may get in the showroom, spot a bargain that is larger than you thought you could afford, buy it and then get home to find it fills most of your garden!

So always measure out your plot before making a purchase.

With an Intex pool you will be off to a good start as they all feature high performance and efficient water pumps, and filtration systems. The majority also come with a ladder to get in an out of your above ground pool with as well as a surface skimmer to remove debris. In addition they all come with a step-by-step installation DVD.