Easy Set Intex Round Swimming Pools

Setting up an Intex easy set round swimming pool could not be easier. The simplicity of the design means that they are one of the most popular above ground swimming pools to purchase Worldwide.

An easy set pool can be bought either from a specialist pool dealer, or now more commonly, from your local DIY store. They are very low cost to buy, with some costing less than a £100 and even a very large one costing less than £500.

The beauty of them is that you can buy one, take it home with you and be well on your way to having it setup within an hour or so. Depending on the size of easy set pool you have bought will obviously depend on how long it takes to fill up.

Just never make the mistake of leaving a pool to fill up overnight, as if it fills up faster than you think it will, flooding may well result.

To install the pool you simply need a suitable area of flat ground (with a suitable electric supply for the pools water filter). You then simply inflate the tube that runs around the top of the Intex swimming pool, connect the water filter up to it, and then add water using a hosepipe.

As the above ground pool fills with water then the inflated tube simply rises up in time with the water level. Once the easy set pool is full, all you have to do is install your bathing ladder to enter the pool, and your Intex easy set swimming pool is ready for you to use.