Round Metal Frame Intex Swimming Pools

If you like the idea of a round above ground swimming pool but feel that you want something a little more durable than an easy set swimming pool, then maybe you should look at an Intex round metal frame swimming pool.

Whilst they are not as fast to assemble as an easy set pool, of which the basic assembly can take less than half an hour, they can still be installed in around an hour or two.

A round metal-framed swimming pool is exactly as the name suggests – it has a metal frame, which is easy to assemble for one person, or even easier with a friend to help with its assembly. Commonly the frame has galvanized or plastic coated metal tubes, that simply clip or pin together with the plastic sides of the pool being threaded through the framework and hanging off of it.

If you have been camping and put metal poles through your tent to form a framework, then it is exactly the same kind of principle.

The metal framework makes the pool surround far more rigid than an easy set pool, and as such it can take more vigorous water play. Yet if you need to disassemble it, once empty of water your Intex metal frame pool can be disassembled in less than an hour.

They are not as rigid as the next level of pool up in the range of above ground pools, which is the round ultra framed pools which feature additional strengthening to form a pool that can withstand an even more active family playing in it!