Why You Should Buy An Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

Buying a swimming pool these days is far easier than it was a decade ago, and one of the reasons that pools are more affordable to buy these days is with the advent of Intex swimming pools.

Above ground swimming pool designs have made pools accessible to the mass market, where once all pools were only in-ground and only owned by the wealthy.

In-ground pools are great if you can afford them but they cost around a minimum of £15,000 to build and can rise well in to six figure sums.

Also if you want to move house then you cannot take an in-ground one with you. It is there for life! Additionally when it comes to selling your house, whilst an in-ground pool may add perceived value on to your house, it will put some people off buying your house. If they do not like swimming then you are losing a potential buyer. With an above ground one, you can simply take it with you when you move house.

Intex swimming pools are great as they are all above ground ones and come in a wide variety of sizes and constructions, ensuring that there is one for every families budget.

Most above ground pools can be put together in a couple of hours, and filled with water and ready to use in a day. Whereas an in-ground pool may take around three weeks to build.

Also if anything goes wrong with an above ground one, everything is easy to access, such as water filters, pumps and heaters. They are also far safer in general, as to stop children getting in to an Intex swimming pool all you need to do is remove the ladder, making it much harder for anyone to enter the pool.