Above Ground Pool Safety

There is no getting away from the fact that as swimming pools are full of water that they can be a danger to adults and more prominently children.

As such if you have an above ground swimming pool then you need to have a careful think about pool safety.

There are things that go in your favour in terms of pool safety, as with an above ground one you may have to go up four feet in height to get in to it. So if you remove the pool steps then this problem to a large extent goes away, as without steps to go up, most small children simply will not be able to get into the pool by accident.

Also if you foolishly happen to have electrical items nearby the pool they cannot accidently be kicked into the pool like an in-ground one.

However above ground swimming pools are some what shallower in depth than their in-ground cousins, and if you have chosen to have built a deck around your pool then you need to ensure that people do not dive, or bomb dive into your above ground swimming pool.

Whereas with a conventional swimming pool they may be jumping into eight feet of water, with an above ground pool they may be jumping or diving in to as little as four feet of water. Suffice to say the results of such a jump or dive can cause severe injury.

The one thing you do not have to worry about in general is people running alongside the pool. As any water splashed out of the pool will just go on to your grass, and not make any poolside area wet like an in-ground pool would.

So overall an above ground swimming pool is a much safer option.