Caring For Your Swimming Pool

Well you may have just gone out over the weekend and bought an above ground swimming pool, assembled it, filled it full of water and started using it. Or you may have spent several tens of thousands getting a contractor to build you a top of the range in-ground pool. Well in either case when it comes to pool maintenance it does not really matter how much money you have spent buying your pool.

Simply put maintenance can make or break the enjoyment you get from your swimming pool. You maybe a millionaire and have spent a hundred thousand on your pool, but if you fail to maintain it you may find that the guy next door with his three hundred pound above ground pool, has better looking water than yours.

Now would that not be annoying?

Well establishing a pool maintenance routine is pretty simple to do with some tasks needing doing daily, some weekly, and some monthly, but overlook them at your peril. It is far easier to keep a clean pool clean, than it is to try and get a dirty pool clean.

Worst case if your pool becomes contaminated with algae then you may have to empty the whole pool and re-fill it, which on its own can be extremely expensive. In addition if you have to do this you may also end up paying a pool cleaning professional to sanitize your whole water treatment system, and this is unlikely to be cheap.

So even before your swimming pool installation is complete, speak to the contractor that is installing it, or the dealer you bought it from (In the case of an above ground pool), and get a maintenance schedule from them to keep your swimming pool water nice and clean.