Intex Swimming Pool Accessories

Well you have bought your new Intex swimming pool, built it up and installed it, filled it with water and you have begun to use it.

However you might want to consider the purchase of a few accessories, as whilst they come with a high capacity and high efficiency water filter, and a pool skimmer for debris, there are a few other “Nice to have” items that will make using your pool even more enjoyable.

Firstly you may want to consider the addition of a water heater, as even in a very hot climate an un-heated above ground swimming pool may feel slightly too cool.

There are several different methods of heating, from electric heaters to gas fired boilers – which are the most common form of swimming pool heating, as they are far more cost effective than electric heaters.

You should invest in the best pool cover you can. You could buy a cheap one that just keeps the dirt out, or you could sensibly invest in one that is more expensive, but that is an insulated cover. If you are planning on using your pool a lot then this will pay for itself many times over in the heat it locks in to your pool.

Poolside bar? Yes that is right, you can get clip on plastic trays so you can have your very own poolside bar! Just remember to only ever use unbreakable plastic glasses by the poolside. Never use real glass.

You may also want to invest in an additional ladder for getting in and out of your Intex above ground swimming pool.