Maintaining Your Intex Above Ground Swimming Pool

Whilst every Intex above ground swimming pool comes with a high capacity and high efficiency water filter, this does not mean that your above ground pool will just look after itself.

A pool needs some love and a bit of work to keep the water crystal clean. If you just leave a pool to its own devices then you will soon find that it becomes filled with algae, particularly so in hot weather.

Treating and removing the algae can take as long as two weeks to get the water back looking clear again. So you need to take precautions to ensure that the algae never grows in the first place.

You will need to test your pools chlorine levels daily and add more chlorine as required. You will also need to test the pH levels daily and add pH plus or minus as required. Just remember if you go away for a few days you will need to get somebody to do these tasks daily whilst you are away.

You will need to use the pool skimmer that comes with your Intex swimming pool to remove any debris such as leaves that may enter your pool. Ideally though you should invest in a good swimming pool cover to keep debris out and heat in.

You should also use a pool vacuum once a week to ensure the side walls and the floor of your above ground pool stay nice and clean.

Just remember it is far easier to keep water that is crystal clear clean, than it is to treat dirty pool water. Follow these simple steps and you will always enjoy a dip in your Intex above ground swimming pool.