Review Of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Are all above ground swimming pools the same? Actually there are around eight different types that are currently on the market for you to consider, varying in price and features, from less than a hundred pounds to up to eight thousand for a wooden above ground pool.

Firstly there are paddling pools suitable for little children (although note that whilst some of these pools are only a few inches deep, never leave a child alone in one) starting from just £7.99.

The next pool up is the type of pool now often referred to as an easy set pool which are a rang of inflatable pools, they are called this as to set them up you simply inflate a rubber ring on the top of them, and then fill them with water. Although larger models will come with a water filter small ones do not. Ideally buy one with a water filter.

Stepping up another level we move on to metal framed above ground swimming pools. As the name suggests they have a metal frame around the outside, with the pool liner hung over the top of it. This type of above ground pool is more robust than an easy set pool, and whilst they both come in similar sizes, it can be considered a semi-permanent option, where as you may well take down your easy set pool in Winter.

Both types of round pools are more suited to playing with the family in rather than swimming for exercise in.

Or you could opt for a metal-framed rectangular pool. These are larger than the round pools, however the smaller ones are more for having fun in than swimming great distances.

That said the larger ultra metal framed above ground swimming pools can be 18ft to 24ft long, and these are suitable if you want a pool to exercise in rather than just having family fun splashing around in. These types of pool are towards the top end of above ground swimming pool that you can buy on the market today.

Another great innovation in above ground swimming pools has been the recent introduction of wooden swimming pools. These are probably the best looking above ground pools that you can buy, and whilst most are hexagonal and start in size at around 3m in diameter, you can also buy ones that are shaped more like an oval that go up to nearly 7m in length.

The great thing about them is they have a very professional looking finish to them, indeed when set into decking they can even look better than an in ground pool does. You can even get exercise water jets for them, these blow water across the swimming pool providing a constant resistance for you to swim against. In effect they allow you to have an endless pool. So even with a small pool you can swim for miles if you want, without having to turnaround each lap of the pool.

So overall you can see that there is a wide range of above ground swimming pools with one to suit every budget and need.