Portable Swimming Pools

The portable swimming pool is something that sounds great, but when looked at closely is something which can seem to be a great problem. The development of the inflatable pool, and the Intex type frame and liner pools are something that is changing that perception, and there are ways that the pool can be taken on holiday a lot easier than it used to be.

The inflatable above ground pool can be stowed for transport very easily and can be unpacked and blown up in minutes. You will need a good water supply and a flat site to put it onto, but this is usually not a problem. Whilst a more permanent addition might require a concrete base, a dry grass site would be a fine base for a couple of week’s usage.

The metal frame type and supported liner pool is just as easy to take away, and packs very flat for transport purposes. All of the frame will pack away in a bag much like a tent when camping, and the lining will stow flat. The erection of the frame will take 10 minutes for a small one and the liner fitting will take another few minutes.

Again the site is important in that it must be flat and level, and most importantly free from sharp stones or projections, which could damage the liner. It should also not be put onto a sandy base, which might be very tempting when on holiday at the sea, but sand is one of the most abrasive materials about (The reason that sandpaper became popular). The water supply should be good and plentiful.

If you have taken the swimming pool when going to see Granddad and Grandma, then the water supply is probably fine, but if you take it to a camping or caravanning site then permission will be needed to erect and use it. The one problem is the safety aspect of the use of pools, in that the rules are often vague or non existent, but is never the less vitally important to be safe.

The swimming pool must not be left unattended, and should be secured when nobody adult is around.  This should not stop the fun, but there is a strong tendency to use the pool with less water as a splash or paddling pool. In this case you can use it for the younger members of the family easily and safely, you can even fill it from the sea with salt water provided you wash it down later.