See Through Pools

There is a relatively new idea in the above ground paddling or swimming pool market that appears to be a little more than the usual inflatable splash pools. Ideally built as a play pool for children it comes as a see through inflatable pool brought onto the market by Intex. The splash pool market is very crowded, but to be fair to the market a lot of the different designs appeal to different people, dependent on the size of their garden, the size and ages of the children and what they wish to use it for.

Do they wish to get the children used to water? Or use it for playing or even learning to swim. The see through pool has reputedly been made so that you can see the child below the water as well as above it so that policing the water activities becomes a lot easier. The usual size is 8 foot diameter and 30 inches deep. This depth of pool makes safety paramount, and care must be taken that the pool is supervised at all times, and the benefit is you can see the child under the water. It must also be secured at all times when water is left in situ.

The see through nature of the pool is given by the material with which it is made and this is a PVC multi layered material backed with a strong fine mesh. The whole thing is very robust but like all inflatable pools care has to be taken to keep the integrity of the pool intact.

A good flat area should be found to put the pool on, it should also be level and there should be no sharp projections and no sharp implements should be let near the pool.

The pool itself is robust enough to take most wear and tear, but it is not indestructible and almost all pools carry no warranty on inflatable parts. These particular intex models come with the fittings for a pump and filter, which must be, situated ideally at least 2 metres away (do not forget the RCD for the electrical supply, for safety) but invariably the pumps must be bought separately.

There is no real need for the pump unless the water is being heated or left in situ for a long time when the requirement for cleaning becomes essential. The great thing with these pools is that you can set them up in ten minutes, and close them down in minutes, and leave them in a safe state and start again clean tomorrow.