The Do It Your Self Swimming Pool

The discussion always occurs on whether it is best to have an “In ground pool" or “An above ground pool", and what are the advantages, and what are the disadvantages? I read an article on the pools of Orange County in California where there is probably one of the highest densities of swimming pools in the World, and the results are quite interesting.

There are reputed to be around 5 million “In ground” pools in the area, and 3.5 million of the “Above ground” pools. The apparent preference for the “In ground” pool was because of the permanent nature of the pool, but remember that this is an area where you can use the pool for 365 days a year. So the pool does not have to be put away in the winter and it is also a very affluent area.

Cost was a major item in the decision to buy, as well as the type of construction. The one item that often decided which to buy, was the do it yourself ability of the various pools. The “In ground” pool is a professional job right from the start when the design is made, the construction and finishing is a major job and needs a professional team of workman to build it properly.

You can do it yourself but you would need a lot of help, and certainly some good experience of building and building regulations.

The “Above ground” pool with frame and liner such as those developed for the market by intex, was often chosen because most people are capable, and wish to put the pool in themselves.

These intex type pools as they are often referred to, come in kit form delivered by a lorry to your door, and from then on it is usually your problem to erect it, although good suppliers will provide, or recommend a good erection team. This is unnecessary however as the kit comes with good instructions often in the form of a video.

The parts are all light enough for any able bodied man or woman to lift. You ideally need more than one person, but the pieces of the above ground pool go together like a jigsaw, and the frame takes a very short time to erect.

The size and structure of the above the ground pool will determine how long it takes to put together, the simple frame one will take minutes, whilst the more complicated one a little longer. A good metal frame pool with an intex liner can be built in minutes, and filled in 1 to 2 hours, and fitted with filtration and pump in a few hours.